Hello everyone! Today Friday 13th september our 4th album "THE MONSTER WITHIN" has finally been released!

Buy links:

It will also be avaliable at your local store worldwide.
Listen to the album on Spotify:

Cheers, Degradead!

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Release Party "The Monster Within"

The release party for the coming album "The Monster Within" will take place at Debaser Medis in Stockholm Sept 19th. This will be the first and perhaps only time when Degradead will play all songs from the album. Order your tickets at the link below:

Click here!

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New single and music video!

We proudly present our new single and music video "For Better Or Worse" taken from our upcoming album "The Monster Within".

Buy "For Better Or Worse" here:


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Video & Single Release

On June 28th, we will premier our latest music video for the song "For Better Or Worse"

This Video will be the first glimpse of the latest Degradead album " The Monster Within" which will be released early autum 2013.

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Degradead Ended Collaboration With Janne Lundqvist (Manager)

It is with a great sadness we have to inform you that Degradead and Janne Lundqvist (Manager) have ended a 6 year long collaboration.

During these 6 years Degradead together with Janne released 3 albums and the live at wacken and beyond DVD.

We in Degradead wish Janne a successful career and a very well being life together with his family and future involvements within the industry.

Thank you very much for these 6 years together Janne "Lunkan" Lundqvist.

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Some live clips

Some live clips from various shows has been uploadead! Enjoy!

Taste Of Destiny Live At Anchor 2012

Dream Live In Stockholm 2012

Human Nature Live In London

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New album: The Monster Within

Due to reasons within the band we have decided to move up the Release date for the new album.
It is really hard for us to keep this monster away from you guys for so long!
Now to the big news of the day! During January 14th – February 02nd we recorded our 4th coming studio album in Skara and studio Panic Room together with the producer Thomas ”Plec” Johansson. This is our first album together with our new drummer Amit Mohla. This album ended up being the best Degradead album so far! More dynamic, more melodic, more thrashy, more of everything! The album will be Titled "The Monster Within" and the monster will be let free on August 23rd this year. Thank you guys for being so patient!

Take Control / Degradead.

Some kind words from the Producer ;

Finally, the new Degradead album is mastered and is now uploading after three weeks of production...

It has been great going back to the roots even on this one. No drum triggers or sample replacements used whatsoever which is otherwise so commonplace in todays metal productions. We did it the hard way with getting the right sounds from the start and having Amit actually playing the parts until we got the takes we needed, tuning the drums in between takes, switching snares for different songs etc...

No plugins were used in the process either other than for very surgical tasks and special FX. All other processing are real chambers, hardware reverbs, delays, compression and EQ.

Five times more work, but five times more fun and inspiring plus it's five times more fun to listen to !!

Be sure to check this monster out...
/ Thomas ”Plec” Johansson.

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Photo: Gustaf Sandholm Andersson

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